About me

A little bit about me? Feels almost like a tinder profile!

I studied my honours degree in a local college in Ireland and covered a wide arrange of of technologies and some business including databases, servers and networking devices. Not so much coding, and its still my week point, but enough that i can script my way out of a paper bag, so long as its wet!

After college I moved to Dublin to work as a Systems Administrator at a registrar. This was a great experience as it was a small environment and i was constantly exposed to new technologies. Initially the estate was a mix of Ubuntu and MySQL, but with the advent of SystemD it was decided to migrate our servers to FreeBSD and PostGreSQL. This was a huge task that took over a year and a half and throughout that time our skills in automation grew, out of necessity. We started implementing Rundeck, Jenkins and Puppet, baselining our systems and automating code deployments, maintenance tasks and server rollouts. This blurred the lines between Systems Admin and Site Reliability Engineering/fancy-DevOps. From backup solutions to end user management with Windows Servers I gained exposure with a little bit of everything in my few years here and picked up my Security+ before moving on to a security focused job.

This role was a remarkably interesting one where I was a senior member in the Threat and Vulnerability Management team within one of Ireland’s pillar banks. Protecting over 14,000 heterogeneous assets. We dealt with baselining and hardening technologies; identifying, verifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation, and finally had a bit of web application scanning and verification thrown into the mix for good measure. While there I completed my CISSP exam and covered the GWAPT course content.

In my latest role I am a senior consultant for a big four consultancy, assisting multinational enterprises on a variety of security issues.